What our students say about life in Sixth Form

“The teachers are really good. They are supportive and help us whenever we need it.”

“Miss Fitzwilliam is always there for us when we need her.”

“We get free periods when we can study and socialise. I get more chance to be with my friends and it is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.”

“There is a good choice of subjects and I am enjoying all of my lessons. I have become much more independent too.”

“I look forward to coming to school every day.”

“Because of the small classes you get to know your teachers really well. There are far more opportunities for discussion and you get to know the other students in your class well too.”

“We are encouraged to be really independent in our studies.”

“I like working in the library, it is calm and quiet and I can study well.”

 “The class sizes are small so we get lots of support. I’m enjoying my lessons far more than I did in the main school.”

 “It is a completely different environment to the main school. We are treated as adults and although there is more work, it is not a stressful place.”

 “The atmosphere is really friendly.”

“I really enjoy all of my lessons.”